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Internet Filtering & Monitoring (accountability) Options

Summary:  It is highly recommended that anyone install OpenDNS on their router that provides Wifi to your home.  If you can afford it, Covenant Eyes is highly recommended and a very robust piece of software*.  Otherwise, it is recommend that you try the other free or cheaper software* and determine which one will work best in your situation.

[*Please note that there are always ways to circumvent software.  No amount of software can substitute for parents being personally involved in the lives of their children and supervising all internet access.  Parents should be parents and have access to all accounts and passwords.]

PC/Mac options

CovenantEyes.com is probably the best internet filter and accountability software available.  But there is a cost involved.  In essence, you get what you pay for.

                                     First Username         Additional Usernames

Accountability          $8.99/mo.                  $2.00/mo.

Filtering                     $4.99/mo.                  $1.50/mo.

Both                            $10.49/mo.                $3.50/mo.

OpenDNS.com (free) is router based filter that can be customized to block what you desire on your home WiFi.  It also helps in protecting you against phishing and identity theft.  It is highly recommended for all families as it filters every device that accesses the internet from your home.   It can be customized to your liking as well.

You’ll also need to download the OpenDNS Updater to your PC/Mac to keep your IP address in sync with OpenDNS.

Qustodio (Free basic version and premium $45 annually for 5 devices) is a software based filter and monitors websites.

Visikid (Free version and Pro version for $29 per year) is not a filter and only monitors activities online and computer usage.

Mobicip (Free version and $10 annually) offers filtering and monitoring along with several other features.

K9 Web Protection (free) is software based filter and some website monitoring.  It also includes safe searching.  The software seems quite restrictive, so it may block sites that you might permit your family to view.

Norton Family offers filtering and monitoring along with several other options.  It offers a limited free version and a premier version for $50 per year.

IOS Apps options (iphone, ipad, ipod)

The use of Parental Controls is highly recommended and Mobicip seems in our experience to be one of the better options.  Please note that these apps only monitor and filter web browsing and not the other apps.  These apps also require that you to block the Safari app.

    • IOS Parental Controls (free) – Make sure to add websites that you want your family to have full access to in the “whitelist”
    • K9 Web Protection Browser (free) – itunes store
    • Mobicip ($10 annually) – A safe browser that can filter and monitor internet usage
    • Qustodio (free basic version and premium $45 annually for 5 devices)
    • AppCertain App (free) – Monitors apps that are installed and allows you to switch off apps
    • Covenant Eyes ($10.49 monthly) –  A safe browser that can filter and monitor internet usage

Android Apps options

Changing the content filtering in the Play Store is highly recommended as there are many inappropriate apps available with High Maturity setting.

Here are some ways to provide safer searches with popular sites:

  • Google, Yahoo, & Bing Safe Search Settings & Image search




  • YouTube Safety Mode


Other Helpful Websites for Parental Controls




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